The Perfect Summer Afternoon Date: Stand Up Paddleboarding

Posted by on 6/15/2018 to Helpful Tips
The Perfect Summer Afternoon Date-Paddleboarding
Summer is here, which means itís time to get outside and enjoy the sun and water on our stand up paddleboards (SUPs). For anyone who loves their SUP - this is the best season. Although we donít need any excuses to spend more time on them, some of you may not have thought about one of the best ways you can use a SUP: on a date!

Why Paddleboarding Is a Great Date Activity

Whether itís the first or fifth or hundredth date with your partner, a date on a paddleboard is bound to be a date to remember. There are countless reasons to give this date idea a shot, but here are a few of them if the initial idea hasnít sold you.

Itís Different

The typical dinner and a movie date arenít always good enough, sometimes we all need a bit more excitement in our romantic lives. Whether youíre in a long-term relationship and wanting to liven things up or youíre trying to create a memorable first date, this is the way. Adding a little variety to our relationships can only be a good thing.

The Weather is Warm

You may not always get to enjoy this experience with your love interest. Cold weather is bound to come back for most of us in the U.S., so weíve got to take advantage of the sun and warmth while we can. Even if the date doesnít go well, at least you got to enjoy some quality outdoors time!

Paddleboarding is Fun (and Sometimes Funny)

Laughs are bound to be had on a date as unique as this one. Someone, or both of you, is going to fall or slip or accidentally splash one another. This experience naturally creates one that will be full of smiles and laughter.

Itís Okay to Show Off

If youíre good at paddleboarding, you can show off without being over the top or too obvious. Sometimes itís nice to be good at something and impress someone with it. If you're experienced on your stand up paddleboard, this is the perfect opportunity to display your physical fitness to your date. If you impress them enough, they might want you to take them out on the paddleboards again. Want to get your game up before the big date? Here's some great advice to get you started.

Itís a Memorable Experience

No one could ever come home from a paddleboarding date and not brag or be excited about it. Whether you are on a first date or in a long-term relationship, you will bond on an adventurous date like this. Fun and exciting summer activities always make for cherished memories.

How to Plan the Perfect Stand Up Paddleboarding Date

So youíve decided that paddleboarding is a great date idea, but arenít sure how to spice things up? Aside from paddleboarding alone, there are even more activities that can be done on a paddleboard or activities that can be added to the experience. Below are a few ideas.

Go Night Paddling

To add a little more adventure to the experience, take your paddleboards out at night! You can bring headlamps to explore in the dark or just lay on the boards watching the stars. The darkness is not only an adventurous addition but a romantic one as well.

Watch Fireworks From Your Boards

Going on a date around Fourth of July? Plan it out, so youíre out paddleboarding while the fireworks explode overhead.

Have a Picnic

This one may need to be saved for more experienced riders, but a picnic on paddleboards is so fun! Find a place to tie together and enjoy a lovely snack in between long rides. Just get a waterproof bag for all the food and youíre good to go.

Go for a Sunset Paddle

It doesnít get more romantic than this. Enjoy a colorful summer sunset after a day of riding around.

Now Get Out There!

Donít let the summer go to waste, make it a memorable one with experiences that will create unique and treasured bonds!

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