Tips for the Progressing Stand Up Paddleboarder

Posted by Airhead SUP on 8/21/2014

There are a magnitude of ways to enjoy a stand up paddle board, but many people donít know the proper etiquette when SUPing.  Just like boating or eating at a fancy restaurant, stand up paddleboarding has its own list of Doís & Don'ts that could make or break your next on the water experience.  Here are some various recommendations for making the most of your time spent paddling on the water whether you Surf, Race, or just paddle for fun.

Stand Up Paddleboarder

Two Airhead SUPs featured on

Posted by Airhead SUP on 8/12/2014
We at Airhead SUP were thrilled to see 2 of our inflatable stand up paddleboards featured in articles on this month. 

The Airhead Na Pali SUP was included in the article: 

"10 INFLATABLE BOARDS FOR STAND UP PADDLERS Boards To Consider When Mobility and Storage Space Are Factors." 

The Airhead SS SUP (Super Stable) was included in the article: 

"10 BOARDS FOR STAND UP FISHING Want to try SUP Fishing? Check Out These Boards!"

Airhead SUP Carrier Review

Posted by Airhead SUP on 8/7/2014
Read our summary below or CLICK HERE to read the entire review at ISUP World.

For those of you concerned about any difficulty carrying your SUP to and from the water, the Airhead SUP carrier is the perfect solution.

This SUP carrier has two straps that wrap around the board and a comfortable shoulder strap.

It allows you to easily transfer the weight of the board to your shoulder, which makes carrying the stand-up paddle board much easier.

Your paddle can be secured in the straps as well so that your hands are completely free.

This SUP carrier is easy to use, convenient and best of all can be used not only with stand-up paddle boards, but with kayaks and surfboards as well.

Airhead High Pressure 120V Electric Pump Review

Posted by Airhead SUP on 8/4/2014
"I love using an electric pump with my inflatable boards. It makes inflation super easy and fast."

Iíve tried several pumps over the years and from what Iíve seen there are really only a few electric pumps on the market that really work well with inflatable stand-up paddleboards and that are able to get them inflated to the proper PSI level.

The Airhead High Pressure Electric Pump is one of the good ones.

SUP Electric Pump

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