The Elite Sport of SUP Racing

Posted by Airhead SUP on 6/26/2014
Stand up Paddleboard Racing is a new and exciting competitive water sport that is blowing up. Why? SUP racing combines all the great characteristics from SUP, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming and puts them all in one race. 

SUP Basics

Posted by Airhead SUP on 6/19/2014
Stand Up Paddleboarding is currently the fastest growing watersport in the world. Why shouldn't it be? It's a great work out, you don't need a boat, and you can even bring your dog. If you are interested in learning to stand up paddleboard, but don't know where to start. Look no further. We've outlined some basic SUP facts and considerations you should know. 

SUP Resource Library

Posted by Airhead SUP on 6/12/2014

SUP has become a house hold term recognized by most in the last few years. The driving momentum behind this sport is that it allows paddlers to enjoy beautiful scenery in the great outdoors while exercising and itís not terribly difficult. Iíll admit itís on the expensive side initially, but in comparison to most watersports, itís very affordable. You donít need a boat, it doesnít run on gas, and you donít need a V8 to pull it to the lake.  If youíre anything like me, (CRAZY about stand up paddling,) youíve been scouring the internet and book stores for all the information you can find since you first stepped foot on a SUP.

Below are some excellent resources you can find on the web or on the shelves at the grocery store or book store to help cultivate your love for the greatest sport on earth! Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Do SUP Fins Really Matter?

Posted by Airhead SUP on 6/5/2014
Stand up paddleboard fins are an essential part of your paddleboard rig.  Without fins your board would start to turn radically with every stroke, making the whole paddling experience pointless.  Fins allows you to move forward in a relatively straight line, or ďtrackĒ.  They prevent the tail of the board from slipping sideways as you put pressure on either side of the board as you go through your stroke.  The design of the fin also affects speed, stability and how easily you can turn your board. 

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