Why You Should Try Fishing From a Standup Paddleboard

Posted by on 5/9/2018 to SUP Fishing
Why You Should Try Fishing from a SUP

By: Airhead SUP Ambassador, Chad LaChance

There is a progression in angling. It starts innocently enough with standing on the side of the lake, casting out from one spot and hoping a fish comes by and makes your day. As we grow as anglers, we start moving around the bank more, sampling casting spots until we find one that our target fish apparently prefer on that day. We also begin to notice that our tackle needs to be mobile along with us, and at the same time, our tackle has also grown in volume; we have more stuff to carry to match our angling situations, and we are strategically looking for fish. If the old saying is true that 90% of the fish are in 10% of the water, good anglers will seek out that 10%.

But what if that 10% is not reachable by casting from the bank? Or perhaps that 10% IS right along the bank and therefore it is tricky to present a fly or lure to it right at your feet? Obviously the right answer is to get off the bank…yep, you need to be floating.

So, the next step as an angler is to find a way to get on the water’s surface and move around the lake. Perhaps a boat is in your future? Wait, you don’t have that much money or a big ol’ truck to tow it with? How about a float tube? Nope, too slow and cumbersome and your butt is in the water all the time. Hmmm, kayak! Yep a kayak or canoe is the answer…or maybe not when you realize that you still have to transport it, and in many cases can’t stand up to fish. Sitting makes it hard to spot good places to cast and also makes the cast itself far more difficult. Have no fear…your answer is just an inflatable SUP away!

Airhead SUP Rigged for Fishing

An inflatable stand up paddleboard, aka iSUP, is the most mobile, affordable, and fun way to get your fish on. You can haul it on your back or in the trunk of your car, it doesn’t require gas, registration, or a boat ramp, and they’re affordable in the first place. Most importantly, an inflatable SUP will get you and all your tackle to the fish efficiently and quietly while getting a little exercise. The fact that you are standing to fish is a serious bonus!

My Airhead SUP 1138 Bonefish model is designed specifically for anglers; it has built in sponsons that make it uber-stable yet it is very maneuverable. There are a couple of racks available that make it even more fisherman friendly; they hold rods, tackle, cooler, and other accessories that invariably make their way into an angler’s arsenal of gear. And between available anchors, leashes, waist pack style PFDs and more, it can be accessorized to fit your exact needs. Best of all, it transports in a backpack, air pump and all, and can be inflated in short order and launched virtually anywhere. Did I mention that the Bonefish is extremely stable?

Why You Should Fish From a SUP-Chad LaChance

SUPs are a blast to spend time on and afford anglers mobility and a great view down in the water. They’re fast and sneaky, portable, and once purchased, basically free to fish from. Maybe it’s time to kick your angling up a notch by joining the legions of folks that have discovered the fun and effectiveness of fishing from an SUP.

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