Posted by on 7/25/2016 to Ryan Boettner
Why do I SUP?  Letís first start by taking things back 12 years ago to when I was 22 years old and just starting to get into the "fitness movement".

Pictures everywhere of fit people and a desire to land a smokin' hot girl had my head filled with the motivation to get a physique that would look like Michelangelo had carved me out of stone! 

This drove me to spend countless hours in the gym, dedicating my free time to scheduling in workouts and doing the same old standard movements on gym equipment that was situated inside concrete walls under fluorescent lights with the occasional window that provided a view to the world outside...  This was my fitness life for about 10 years! 

Then one day I decided to give this new sport called Standup Paddleboarding a try... I WAS HOOKED!!! 

Getting hooked on SUP

The unbelievable feeling I felt was indescribable... Getting out on the water with that feeling like you're floating just above the surface of another amazing world just below your feet; enjoying the amazing scenery; taking in the sea air; and of course having fun!  I knew I wanted to do this every day! It was so much fun! But what about my gym time? What about my focus on my fitness and physique?!  

Well, let's talk about how I felt the day after my first paddle.  After even just spending 30 min on a board paddling around a small island in Jupiter, FL (about 1 mile around), I felt just about every muscle I had ever worked in the gym more sore than I'd ever felt them before after spending 2 hours in the gym doing the typical "strength training" workouts gym rats do. 

I knew then that my gym had changed scenery! No longer was I bound by scheduling in gym time, no longer was I to be stuck in an artificial man made environment with only a glimpse of nature through a window, no longer did I have to wait for my turn to use a machine to work just one isolated muscle group! I WAS FREE!! Free to break free from my monthly gym membership! Free to look forward to having fun every day! Free to get back to nature!

Ryan Boettner Back to Nature

It's been a little over 2 years since I made the switch to paddling and I can't even begin to tell you how much happier I am knowing that I go out and have fun every day and just by chance get an amazing full body workout just by having fun and enjoying time spent out in nature.

Do you SUP? 

Oh, and if you're wondering about that smokin' hot girl, would you believe I met her while paddleboarding?!!

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