What Are the Benefits of SUP Yoga?

Posted by on 4/13/2016 to Kelli Nicole

Standup Paddleboard Yoga

With the growth of Stand Up Paddleboarding's popularity, interest in SUP Yoga has also grown, but why? And what are the benefits? The fact is, by adding a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) to the equation it presents a whole new set of strength and balance challenges.

How SUP Yoga Enhances Your Practice:

Practicing yoga on a SUP provides a stronger & more challenging work out than traditional yoga. Stand Up Paddleboards arenít as stable as a solid surface and either is the water theyíre floating on. So in executing yoga moves you have to engage your core more to keep stable, in addition to the already difficult challenges, strength, and flexibility required by the sport of Yoga. 

SUP yoga also helps you refine your techniques in maintaining balance for when youíre doing yoga on solid ground. If you are doing something wrong and putting too much weight on one side of your body the board will most definitely let you know.

Many stand up paddlers find SUP yoga to be very calming and relaxing due to the connection of being extremely close to the water and nature. Itís as close to walking on water as you can get. Just paddling on a stand up paddleboard is very tranquil and by adding yoga to this activity it enhances the relaxing experience. The activity also helps mastering poses and breathing by requiring more focus so you donít fall into the water while exercising.

Products You Might Consider as a Beginner

In addition to SUP boards designed specifically for Yoga & Fitness, Several accessories are now available to make practicing yoga on a SUP easier and more enjoyable. SUP anchors attach to the board and keep it steady while you perform poses and there are even add-on stabilizer pontoon accessories that provide even more balance and stability for all participants, whether you're a beginner, or more advanced.

Stay tuned here on our blog for articles by Airhead SUP Ambassador, Kelli Nicole, who will be presenting a series throughout the summer with instructions for poses progressing from beginner to advanced.

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