Welcome Spring/Summer 2016 Airhead SUP Ambassadors!

Posted by on 4/13/2016 to Ambassadors
Airhead SUP Ambassadors

We are so very pleased to be introducing our Airhead SUP ambassador roster for Spring / Summer 2016:

Ryan Boettner

Ryan Boettner is an avid outdoorsman/ waterman who grew up skateboarding, snowboarding, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and just generally enjoying the outdoors in Wisconsin.

In 2012 he had the opportunity to move to South Florida to further his career in Quality Assurance, and upon doing so discovered the sport of Standup Paddleboarding. Since 2013 Ryan has been an active adventure paddler and continues to become more active in the sport and has received numerous podium finishes in the Florida SUP race circuit in the 12’6 race category.

Follow him during his Spring/Summer 2016 race season here on the Airhead SUP blog, and keep an eye out for him in the South Florida area!

Favorite Quote: "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor"

Kimberly Ciesla

A Michigan native, Kimberly has a deep seated passion for the outdoors and all that is Michigan. She enjoys hiking, camping, snowshoeing, kayaking, and traveling. Her passions for the outdoors and photography inspired the creation of her blog (UpnorthKCarisma.com) where she shares stories and photos depicting the life of her outdoors Michigan family.

Living in the Great Lakes State of Michigan in a small town nestled between two large bays, and near Lake Michigan, has provided many great adventures on the water, leading Kim to her newest passion (SUP) Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

Follow along as Kimberly and her family share their outdoors adventures and new experiences living the “SUP Life” in Michigan!

Kelli Nicole

Kelli has been teaching the art of yoga, metaphysics, miracles, and manifesting for over half a decade.

She owns and operates her own soulful business; yoga, reiki energy-healing, spiritual coaching, creative writing, customized wellness events, and more.

She has collaborated with celebrity clients, conscious entrepreneurs, visionaries, and kindred souls in search of spiritual guidance.

She offers a handful of different classes in various communities throughout San Diego, California and also creates her own workshops, guides, and retreats dedicated to impacting people to create a radical life they desire.

Miracles are available to everyone NOW and nothing sets Kelli's heart on fire more than helping yogis on their journey to living a more truthful, blissful, enlightened lifestyle.


Gidget the Surf Pug

Gidget the Surf Pug is an agility dog who trained under one of the top agility instructors on the East Coast, and winner of many Westminster AKC shows. Her original was to exceed in being an AKC agility dog, but eventually she aimed for the water!

Gidget currently lives in San Diego and loves the water, and competes in pro dog surfing, SUP, and much more. Her main goal is to raise funds for those in need, and enjoy surf competitions and SUP adventures with all her surf friends!

Follow her adventures this season here on the Airhead SUP blog!

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