SUP Resource Library

Posted by on 6/12/2014

SUP has become a house hold term recognized by most in the last few years. The driving momentum behind this sport is that it allows paddlers to enjoy beautiful scenery in the great outdoors while exercising and it’s not terribly difficult. I’ll admit it’s on the expensive side initially, but in comparison to most watersports, it’s very affordable. You don’t need a boat, it doesn’t run on gas, and you don’t need a V8 to pull it to the lake.  If you’re anything like me, (CRAZY about stand up paddling,) you’ve been scouring the internet and book stores for all the information you can find since you first stepped foot on a SUP.

Below are some excellent resources you can find on the web or on the shelves at the grocery store or book store to help cultivate your love for the greatest sport on earth! Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Websites / Periodicals

Your Guide to the latest Industry News, SUP health, gear, and pro riders. The magazine and website also feature excellent photography and a killer blog you should check out.

Stand Up Journal has phenomenal instructional videos on a variety of topics. Everything from fitness,  performance demonstrations, and pro athletes to beautiful places across the globe you should be SUPing.

Check out this hip mag for the latest and greatest tips, gear reviews, and videos featuring the entire realm of stand up paddleboarding. Read interviews with pro riders, cruising and racing editorials, and how to land monsters SUP fishing.

“For Paddleboarders by paddleboarders” This UK based magazine and website has an upcoming SUP event calendar & SUP Club Directory most US paddlers would drewl over. Their website has an extensive technique video library and even a classified section.



If you just like staring at the television, when you’re not paddling. I also gathered the following SUP Youtube channels that are Jampacked with more SUPing information than you can shake a paddle at.


Videos, videos, and more videos….Highlighting SUP Yoga, Surf, Industry Trade Shows, and zaney ways to get the most of your SUP.


A collection of videos for the fitness conscious Stand Up Paddler.


If SUP yoga and fitness are you name…then Stand Up Paddling TV should be your game. Check it out!

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