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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Looking for a great workout thatís lots of fun?  Why not join the millions of people who have found the sport of standup paddle boarding or SUP.  Getting out on stand up paddle boards gives riders a great full body work out and is especially good for the core.  You can use a traditional fiberglass board or one of the newer inflatable stand up paddle boards that have made the sport even easier and more convenient. 

Anywhere you find a body of water you are likely to see someone enjoying stand up paddle boarding.  You may even catch someone doing Yoga on their board.  Why is it so popular?  You get a great work out, spend time outdoors and is lots of fun.  

Maintaining your balance on a stand up paddle board challenges your muscles.  You use almost every muscle in your body including your core.  Some inflatable stand up paddle boards are made with extra stabilizers which are good for beginners who may not have such great balance.  The act of paddling utilizes muscles in your arms, back and shoulders.   SUP even has an element of cardio, which burns lots of calories helping with weight loss and overall cardio health.  Plus, exercising outdoors is a great way to relieve stress and gain focus.

Airhead SUP is a manufacturer of high quality inflatable stand up paddle boards.  We are helping take the sport of SUP to new places.  Our inflatable boards are portable, easy handle and wonít take much space to store.  Airhead SUP boards are being carried in backpacks by mountain bikers as they hit the trails in search of pristine mountain lakes and then jump on their boards for a little SUPing.  SUP Travel groups are even forming.  Inflatable boards are easy to take on a plane so you can SUP around the world.

Airhead SUP has the right inflatable stand up paddle board option for you.  Call us today!