How to Set Up for Fishing on a SUP

Posted by on 6/21/2017 to SUP Fishing
Set up to Fish from a SUP

By: Airhead SUP Ambassador, J.B. Spilker

If you are interested in getting started on some Paddle Board fishing, this should get you lined out. Getting set up properly is critical for success when fishing on a SUP. Hereís a list of all the critical pieces of equipment, and gear you need to help you catch fish on an Airhead SUP Paddle Board. Plus, details of how these items will keep you stoked while out on the water fishing. In addition, there is a little video walk through of how these items work on your Airhead SUP. Enjoy!

Paddle Board Fishing Essentials:

Listed below are some items particularly helpful when heading out fishing on an Airhead SUP. All these items are designed specifically for the 1138 & 1132 Bonefish Airhead SUP Fishing iSUPís. These inflatable paddle boards are extremely stable, and collapsible which make them easy to transport. I absolutely love mine. They come perfectly designed to help you get ďKrakenĒ on the water. Outside of what comes in the box of your original purchase these things will help make your life better when fishing.

Gear for Fishing froma SUP


An anchor is key to helping you be successful. Oftentimes a small breeze can move you out of a good fishing hole pretty easily on a SUP. Itís well worth the investment to grab one of the Airhead SUP Anchor kits. The Airhead SUP Anchors are super light and easy to use, and they enable you to be more effective if a little breeze starts picking up.

Fishing Rod Holders

Iím a fishing rod junkie, so having several Rod Holders has made life alot easier when paddle board fishing. The Fishing Bucket Rack is perfect for holding several rods on your paddle board. I also use the Airhead SUP Fishing Rack to hold poles, my anchor bag, and for mounting a camera for filming. Both of these rod holder racks help keep your poles from tangling on the deck of your board, so you can spend more time fishing.

View from a SUP While Fishing


I keep an Airhead SUP Leash strapped to my ankle and the board, so nothing drastic happens. Safety is important when paddling out on the open water fishing. You never know what can happen when you are off battling a beast from the deck of your SUP.

Floatation Device

A personal flotation device (aka PFD) is especially important to have on your body at all times when out on the water. I actually got reprimanded out on the water for not having one, so now it is a staple when on the board. The Airhead SUP inflatable belt pack is my favorite option to keep your free to do what you love, but it also keeps you safe!

Carbon Paddle

A good SUP paddle makes a world of difference. You donít want all your energy going into maneuvering your paddle, so I opt for the Airhead collapsible carbon paddle. The Airhead carbon paddle is light, stores well in your Airhead SUP bag, and propels you through the water to get you to your favorite fishing holes. A key to choosing the right paddle is to make sure you is the size of your board, and your height and weight. The bigger you are you might want to opt for a larger paddle to help move you through the water easier.

Cell Phone Waterproof Case

If you want to take photos of your trips, a waterproof cell phone case is a must. The Dry Pack cases are nice. You can hang these dry pack cases around your neck to quickly get to your phone when itís time to take a photo.

Paddle Board Gear for Fishing

Paddle Board Gear for Fishing

Some fishing tackle is a must for helping you catch fish on your paddle board. You donít need a ton of stuff, but here are some of my favorite things to help when fishing on an Airhead SUP.

Spinning Rod & Reel

An all around spinning rod and reel setup is the perfect tool for catching fish on you paddle board. A good dependable rod and reel can make a big difference in your ability to cast, and hook up on fish. Hereís a link for some more pointers on picking out a good spinning rod and reel outfit: The Best All-Around Spinning Rod and Reel.

Tackle Case

A thin tackle case is perfect for fishing from an Airhead SUP. Typically, just a small case where you can place out some of your favorite baits, hooks, and such can save a lot of headaches instead of trying to fit all your tackle on board. Iíll load mine up with what I think will work for the day, and head out.

Dry Storage Bag

A dry storage bag is super handy to help you carry any additional tackle or whatever else you want to bring along. Iíll use my Dry Pak roll top bag for my go pro equipment, or a few extra soft plastic baits for fishing. It has come in super handy for putting any food or drinks on board as well if youíre planning and extra-long adventure.

Dry Pak Roll Top Bag for Fishing

Setting up to Fish from a SUP Video

Here is a video of a rundown of all these pieces of equipment, and how they can help you out fishing from your Airhead SUP. Hopefully, it can provide you a better visual as to how these things can work for fishing on your paddle board.

Fishing from an Airhead SUP adds an extra element of fun. It is especially ideal for bass fishing. Standing up for casting, and the quiet stealth of a paddle board has helped me catch bass, that I never would have reached. Donít forget to also check out my blog at to see my paddle board fishing in action to help you enjoy the outdoors and help you catch more fish.

As Always,
Stay Stoked!

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