Family Fishing on a SUP

Posted by on 7/20/2017 to SUP Fishing
JB Spilker-Family Fishing on a SUP

By: Airhead SUP Ambassador,J.B. Spilker

A day on the water with your family fishing on an Airhead SUP is always a good time. Itís a great way to get outside, and spend time together. Here are a few tips to help you get your family outside with you, and help everyone have a good time fishing and paddling around on a SUP.

Itís not about the Fish

When you head out fishing with your family on your SUP the most important rule to remember is itís not all about catching fish. Donít get wrapped up on whether you find fish or not. Most young children donít really care that much. They often get just as much joy out of skipping rocks or paddling under bridges. Donít get so caught up in catching fish that you burn everyone out. Give it 15 Ė 20 minutes if you donít catch them no big deal. Do something else, then later go out and try again.

JB Spilker 04-Family Fishing

Being Safe

Whenever I put my children on my Airhead SUP to go fishing, I always put a life jacket on them. My children have fallen off the board, and fell in the water several times. They love to play around and accidents can happen, so with a good life jacket you can put your mind at peace and enjoy being out on the water.

JB Spilker 02-Family Fishing

Getting your family Catching Fish

Remember again itís not about the fish, but there are some good things you can do to help them try and get into a few. Typically, tying on a little floating bobber and a small size 18 treble hook onto one of your childrenís poles is all you need to use. This set up is perfect for trying to catch small bluegills, and other pan fish that might be swimming in the waters you frequent. Bring along one other spinning rod and reel set up with a weightless texas rigged senko. Senkos and spinning gear are easy to fish. Also, if by chance one of your children wants to use your pole, rigging your senko weedless texas style will make it easy for you to retrieve your bait when they cast it up into the trees. Been there done that.

JB Spilker 03-Family Fishing

Having Fun

Itís important to have fun with your family, and make your trips memorable. Typically, we will stop and get an ice cream along the way. Everyone enjoys ice cream. Another fun thing is to take a little empty cooler, or a 5 gallon bucket filled with water on your Airhead SUP. Any of the fish we catch, we will place in the bucket. The kids love looking at the fish, and holding them to show off to mom. Spending time swimming is also a great way to enjoy your Airhead SUP as a family.

JB Spilker 01-Family Fishing

JB Spilker 05-Family Fishing

Family Fishing Video

Hereís a little clip of me and my family taking the Airhead SUP out for a quick evening of fishing at a local community pond. We didnít catch any fish, but hopefully you can see some of these tips above in action to help you and your family enjoy the outdoors.

There is nothing like spending time away from distractions outside with your family. Water and an Airhead SUP make for a perfect recipe for everyone to have a little fun. Hopefully, you can take these tips, and get your family out with you enjoying the outdoors.

As Always,
Stay Stoked!

JB Spilker 06-Family Fishing

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