Choosing the Right Inflatable Paddle Board Pump

Posted by on 3/26/2018 to Helpful Tips
Choosing the right standup paddleboard pump

If you own an inflatable board or several, you know that the right
inflatable paddle board pump will make getting ready to go out more enjoyable as well as easier. Because paddle boards need a higher level of inflation, a bicycle pump that you have in the garage may not be usable; as experts in inflatable boards and accessories, we have the right sup board pump for all conditions and budgets.

The Best Choices in a SUP Board Pump

Among the newest and best in our line of pumps for your inflatable SUP are the:
-SUP Velocity 12V pump (SHOP NOW)
-MOAP hand pump (SHOP NOW)

High Inflation Electric Pumps

Your board must be rigid to make it out on the water safely; that is why we recommend electric pumps for quick and easy inflation. You want to get out on the water without having to become tired from getting your board ready for your adventure.

The SUP Velocity 12V pumpinflates your board 33% faster than any other portable pump that is out there. With single-stage high pressure and high volume inflation, you will be able to dial in the pressure of 1 to 20 psi. This pump features an interchangeable H-Valve, Leafield C7, SSV & Mini SSV Adapters. It comes with a mesh storage bag for convenience and portability.

Non-Electric Paddle Board Pump Options (Hand Pumps)

Because pressure is lost when taking a board from warm air to cold water, a hand SUP board pump is ideal for topping off your air in the inflatable. Although they can take more effort and time for inflating the board to full pressure, hand pumps are great to have around; measuring your air with our pressure gauge assures success and a great session.

The MOAP hand pump is a great choice for your additional hand pump. Called the "Mother of All Pumps", it can inflate your SUP in 1/2 the time. A built in gauge for pressure lets you know the pressure, which can be up to 20 psi. It is a 2-stage hand pump, with a high volume & high pressure piston. Included is a mesh storage bag.

SUP Fun for Everyone

Buy the right paddle board pump to get out on the water quickly and with less exertion. Family members will appreciate a pump that is fast and easy and can make the SUP experience fun and safe for all. With quicker inflation, everyone gets out on the water with less waiting and more paddling.

Browse our website for more accessories, inflatable paddle boards and paddles to enhance your outdoor paddle board experience. Then get ready to have fun on the water during your next session or on your vacation.

Choosing the right paddle board pump will enhance your paddling experience, whether it is for fishing, yoga, adventure or cruising. Why spend time waiting on land to get out on the water, when the choice of a good inflatable paddle board pump is so easy?

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