Best Places in Utah for Bass Fishing on a SUP

Posted by on 8/14/2017 to SUP Fishing
JB Spilker - Bass Fishing in Utah

By: Airhead SUP Ambassador, J.B. Spilker

Utah has a lot to offer for bass fishing on an Airhead SUP. There are a lot of great places in the state to launch a paddle board, and catch a few fish. Here are some of the best waters for both paddle boarding and bass fishing in the state of Utah. All of these spots have something a little unique to offer, and are definitely conducive for moving around on an Airhead SUP and Kraken Bass!

Sand Hollow

JB Spilker-Bass Fishing on a SUP-Sand Hollow Utah

Sand Hollow ranks as the top Largemouth Bass fishery in the state, and it has some awesome paddling areas where boats canít come and rock you off your board. Iíve never been skunked and have always caught bass at Sand Hollow which makes it fun. Plus, the scenery is awesome with the red rocks, and blue Pine Valley Mountain chilling in the distance. For more info on Sand Hollow check out one of my past trips to this place on my Airhead SUP to help you get a better feel for this place: (Sand Hollow Paddle Board Bass Fishing)


JB Spilker-Bass Fishing on a SUP-Mantua Utah

Mantua is remote and boat traffic is limited which makes it a great spot to launch an Airhead SUP for some fishing. Mantua also has some good Largemouth bass cruising around in these waters which can make for some good fishing fun.  You can paddle around the whole lake fairly easily, and the big trees and mountains make it a beautiful spot.  Mantua is especially beautiful in the fall with all the colors. Put this place on your list of Paddle Board fishing spots for sure in Utah.

Echo Reservoir

JB Spilker-Bass Fishing on a SUP-Echo Reservoir Utah

Echo Reservoir is not too far from Salt Lake just outside of Park City, but for some reason not very many folks go here. Plus, it is loaded with smallmouth bass. This makes it one of the best spots in Utah to get out on your Airhead SUP for some fishing. Echo Reservoir is just a little further down the road from some of the other popular lakes, and there arenít any public boat ramps. This helps limit the boat traffic to keep the water calm making it ideal for paddling around. 

Hereís another trip report of me out on Echo Reservoir doing some Paddle Board Bass Fishing to help you get a feel for this spot: (Echo Reservoir SUP fishing)

Deer Creek Reservoir

JB Spilker-Bass Fishing on a SUP-Deer Creek Utah

Deer Creek Reservoir located up Provo canyon in Utah is a popular spot for boating in the summer, but if you take your paddle board over to Wahlburg Bay you can get away from all the traffic. This is a designated wakeless speed area, and there are quite a few smallmouth swimming around this area. Grab yourself a spinning rod with a tube jig, armed with an Airhead SUP you will be in for a good time. Wahlburg bay provides a little protection from the winds to help keep things flowing smooth on your SUP. Definitely, Deer Creek Reservoir is a fun place for paddling and fishing.

Quail Creek Reservoir

JB Spilker-Bass Fishing on a SUP-Quail Creek Utah

Last but not Least Quail Creek Reservoir makes the list as a great place for paddle board bass fishing. Located in Southern Utah, Quail isnít as popular as Sand Hollow so you will avoid some crowds. Plus, with a giant wakeless speed fishing area and giant largemouth swimming around, Quail makes the list as one of the best spots in Utah for Paddle Board Bass fishing.  The fishing can be tough, but extremely rewarding if you can tie into one of those giant trout feed Largemouth. Itís a fun spot to test your skills as an angler, and provides some great water to paddle around on.

Hopefully, this helps give you some ideas of some great places to take your Airhead SUP out to catch some bass in Utah. Utah truly is an awesome state with a lot of beautiful lakes with good fishing. Itís the perfect place to get you outside enjoying the water on your paddle board. 

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