Airhead Na Pali Inflatable SUP Review

Posted by on 5/20/2014
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More In-Depth Info

"What I like most about the Na Pali is its versatility. It has some really cool options that allow you to use it in different conditions and paddle in different ways.

For example it is one of the few inflatable SUPís that comes with a removable seat. The seat attaches to the D-rings and gives you the option of sitting down and paddling kayak style or stand up paddling.

The anti-skig surface is cushiony and I found comfortable when sitting on the seat but also provides great traction when standing.

3 Removable Skegs

There are 3 separate skegs that come with the Na Pali. The large center skeg is ideal for flat water paddling and makes a big difference in keeping this SUP tracking straight.

The two smaller side skegs are great for paddling in rivers as they are less likely to get caught on anything but still make maneuvering easy.

The skegs are all removable which is one of the reasons this board is so versatile.  Once attached the fins work great and are very solid.


Overall the performance of this inflatable stand-up paddle board is good. It paddles well, is easy to maneuver and feels very comfortable. There is no flex when standing on this board, it is very rigid.

The rugged construction, the design and the fins keep it tracking straight and gliding nicely through the water. I enjoyed paddling it and had no real issues with the performance.

I donít think it is the fastest board out there but it is designed for recreational use, cruising around lakes, touring ocean bays or even paddling down slow moving rivers.

Convenient and Compact

This SUP is very compact. Considering the length, it rolls up into a nice compact package that is easy to transport in the trunk of your vehicle or even taken on an airplane.

The convenience that inflatable SUPís offer for those who love to travel or for those who are short on storage space is bar none. This is a highly portable stand-up paddle board that is very convenient to use.

The backpack carry bag makes it easy for one person to carry to and from the water as well as store away.

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