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Airhead Fiberglass SUP Paddle

Airhead Fiberglass SUP Paddle

Part Number AHSUP-P1
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  Every paddle boarder needs great paddle board paddles. If you are a rider who loves having a lightweight paddle or if you are looking to get a paddle that is lighter, the Airhead Fiberglass SUP Paddle is an ideal option for you! This is a “one-size-fits-all” paddle with an adjustable length to suit your body and paddle needs. The shaft is 100% fiberglass, giving the paddle the lightweight feel. The fiberglass is also found in the blade, reinforcing the ABS “duck foot” blade. If you are in need of a new paddle board paddle, we have several SUP paddles for you to choose from, but the Airhead Fiberglass SUP Paddle is one you should definitely consider in your search! Weight: 2.32 lbs (1.05 kgs)

Lighter weight


Length adjusts from 160 to 210 cm

100% fiberglass shaft

Fiberglass reinforced ABS “duckfoot” blade

• Weight: 2.32 lbs (1.05 kgs)

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